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Cigarettes & Black Coffee

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Ain't Gettin' Rich In Nashville

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"...the greatest music born in America is still alive and kicking. Long live country music!"

Bob Randall

I was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and come from a long line of musicians. My grandfather played in a traveling banjo/mandolin club in New Jersey. My grandmother was a concert pianist and my father was an accomplished guitar player and singer. I started playing in grade school and joined my first band at age 13. I performed with my father’s band for several years traveling throughout the United States and Canada.

Ever since I was a small boy, old school country music has fed my heart and soul. I listened to the greats – Haggard, Jones, Cash, Jennings, Coe, & Williams – as they played through my radio and felt a connection with their songs of sadness, love, and redemption. 

As a singer songwriter & recording artist, they influenced me in many ways. My songs continue their tradition of old school country as I tell my own stories of heartbreak and revival.

I have worked with many national artists from Wheeling, West Virginia & Nashville, Tennessee and have been writing my own music for many years. In keeping with the tradition of old school country music, many of my songs are stories of my life and my friends lives.

I hope you’ll give a listen to my catalog and enjoy my tunes. Despite what you hear (are you listening pop country fans?), the greatest music born in America is still alive and kicking. Long live country music!

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